29th Annual B-Day/V-Day Extravaganza

Jennie did an excellent job with my birthday this year. It was pretty darn awesome. It could only have been better if there had been some WWIAFTM on the front yard.

Jennie and I exchanged gifts Saturday morning for Valentine’s day. I got her some glass salad plates and a pink apron that she is going to get embroidered with her initials (I guess in case I try to wear it, she will know it is hers). She got me a game for the DS (I am 29 with the mind of 11 year old) and a Wood Wick candle. After that we went to First Baptist to coach some basketball. The girls got me a cake and $25 gift card to Best Buy, so that was pretty sweet too. They even iced it with a basketball and “Happy Birthday Coach Chad.”

Next, we headed to Nashville. Jennie had a birthday surprise for me, but hadn’t let me in on it yet. We ate lunch at Cheddars, which I think is our new favorite restaurant. At lunch she let me in on the surprise- we were going to a Predators game! I do love me some NHL, so that was pretty exciting. After lunch we went to see a movie, and then over to Dad’s to wait until it was time to head to the game.

We got to the game and we had EXCELLENT seats. It was pretty awesome. I am sure we would have gotten hit in the face a few times with a puck if it hadn’t been for those nets they put above the glass on each end of the rink. Jennie had gotten a Valentine’s day package, which included the two tickets, two food vouchers (small soda and a hot dog), and a Valentine photo that says Hockey Love. It is worth noting that Ted’s a cappella group from SCRUBS sang the national anthem, so that was cool too.

It was Jennie’s first game, and I really think she enjoyed it. I know I had a blast. We were sitting next to this band stage thing, so during the intermissions they would focus on the band, and who was on the jumbotron half the time they were playing songs…yeah this guy. That’s us on the left side of the screen taking the picture. Jennie is in pink, and I’m wearing my hat.

After the game Jennie gave me my B-day gift, which was a label maker and a puzzle. Both of which I really wanted…for some odd reason.

I can’t tell you what a great job Jennie did getting my birthday together. I really appreciate it and I actually thought it was the best birthday I have ever had. Thanks darlin, I love you!

Weezer Christmas

Weezer has a 6 song Christmas EP available on iTunes and Amazon. Support them, they need your money. And they need to put out a good album…burn.

Happy Birfday Jeff. Yes your birfday always comes second to the weez, but atleast I gave you your own category on the blog.

Third Day Concert

Last night, Chad and I had a wonderful date night in down town Nashville.  We had a nice dinner at a restaurant, where we got to sit outside and watch the people walk by.  Then, we walked down to the Sommet Center for a concert.  We saw Jars of Clay, Robert Randloph and the Family Band, Switchfoot, and (my favorite) Third Day.  This was all part of the Music Builds tour that supports Habitat for Humanity.

I really like Third Day, and I have their new CD, so I was looking forward to seeing them.  I’d seen them once before and they were very good.  Chad really wanted to see Robert Randolph and the Family Band, but I didn’t know who they were.  They actually were pretty good, but it was a lot of jamming out on his lap steel guitar and not a lot of singing.  Jars of Clay preformed first, Robert Randolph followed, and then Switchfoot.  Switchfoot was very entertaining and sang a lot of good songs.  Third Day was great and I knew most of their songs, but I think I had run out of energy by the time they came on.  It was a Sunday night, and Third Day didn’t even start their set until after 9:00.  We left before they finished their encore, but we needed to get back to BG before it got too late.

One cool thing that happened was that someone close to the stage had a sign that said, “Please wish my mom happy birthday.”  So, Mac Powell sang “happy birthday” to this person’s mom and everybody sang along.  Well, let’s just say, for this story’s sake, that I was the person with the sign.  Yesterday was my mom’s birthday!  So, Mom, check out the video of Third Day singing “happy birthday” to you!

Hubby Birthday to Me!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.  It definitely was!  It was my first birthday as a married woman, and it was so special.  Chad went and got my favorites for breakfast and brought me breakfast in bed.  He took half the day off to spend with me, and we went to Nashville to shop and have dinner.  We had a lot of fun just being together.  It was a happy birthday because I got to spend it with my hubby.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my awesomely wonderful and hot wife!
She is 27 today.
Wish her a happy birthday and send her lots of gifts!