Piper- 2 Years Old


This will be the last monthly post about Piper, so forgive me as I share way more about my baby girl (some may say toddler) than you care to know.

Piper is 2 years old today… She

  • weighs about 32 pounds
  • is about 35 3/4 inches tall
  • wears size 3T clothes
  • wears size 8 shoes
  • wears size 6 diapers (She will be potty trained by the next post I’m sure)
  • has 16 teeth
  • has still never had a haircut
  • knows her colors
  • can identify some letters (P, W, M, O, N, A, Y)
  • can identify some number (0, 1, 2)
  • can climb (up stairs, into chairs, on tables)
  • can draw lines and circles
  • can not jump with both feet leaving the floor
  • very good about saying please and usually thank you

Piper is so sweet and kind hearted. I love to see her hug her friends on her own, share her toys, and say “I love you, Mommy” many times a day.

If you ask Piper how to spell her name, she will say P-I-N-G-O or P-I-R.

When you ask Piper┬áto sing a song, she starts singing “Jesus loves me, this I know…” She loves to listen to music and asks for songs often. She really likes The Wheels on the Bus and will ask for “wheel bus” while motioning round and round with her arms. She knows the lyrics too and will sometimes tell me what comes next. In the car, she asks for “ammals” or “2 bite” which is a song about animals coming 2 by 2 and makes a bunch of animal sounds.

Piper speaks pretty well and talks all the time. It’s sweet to hear her chatting away in her crib in the morning. She can’t say s blends, so she says “foon” (spoon) and “fit up” (spit up). Common phrases of Piper’s: “Yook, Mommy, yook” (Look), “My do it!”, “No, Daddy. Top it!” (stop it) “I need it”, “I no like it” “I uh know” (I don’t know) “Read, book, Daddy”, “Cheese” {when you ask her to smile} “Poppy, what’s wrong” “Don’t cry, Poppy”, “Her lookin”, “I see Poppy”, “I kiss Poppy”, and especially today, “happy birthday.”

Piper seems to like Poppy a lot most times. She always asks about her when she wakes up, gets picked up from school, or even when she is sitting right next to her. She likes to kiss her and pat her back. If you ask her what her baby doll’s name is, she’ll say Poppy.

Piper is not potty-trained yet, but we are in no hurry. I don’t think she knows the difference yet when she pees and poops. She has gone successfully many times, so I don’t think it’ll be too long. We did a little “poo poo in the potty” song and dance when she went and so she does the little dance now too. It’s so cute! Chad started giving her a smartie candy when she goes in the potty and now she asks for candy the moment she sits on the toilet. The smarties were really exciting, but she seemed more interested in carrying them around the house than eating them. Sometimes she asks to go to the potty just so she can delay bedtime or if Poppy’s getting too much attention. She always has to go potty when she is in timeout.

For her birthday, Piper got a play kitchen with little food items. Her favorite things are the cup and utensils. She’ll carry them around and ask “Want some, Mommy?” If you ask her what it is, she says its a strawberry, hot dog, or she doesn’t know. Lately, she loves to pretend that she is squirting us with the ketchup bottle (which we pretend is jelly).

Bedtime is usually a sweet time. She gets a bath about every other day. Then we put her in her pajamas and a sleep sack, brush her teeth, read her the story “Goodnight Sleepyhead”, say our prayers, and give hugs and kisses. She still sleeps in a crib with a blanket and 4 stuffed animals (seahorse, giraffe, bear, and elephant lovie).

We love Piper so much and can’t wait to watch her grow and see who she becomes!





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