Uppercase Dying

After selling Uppercase Living for a little over 2 years, I have now stopped being a demonstrator. I really liked doing it, and I liked the products, but I just couldn’t keep up the sales. I thought it would be so easy to sell, but people weren’t eating it up like I was. You are required to have $300 in sales every quarter, which isn’t a lot if you are having parties, but I just wasn’t. There were several times when I purchased items just so I could reach my sales. It seemed to be counter-productive, even though I liked the stuff, because I was spending money when I was supposed to be making some. UL also has new catalogs, colors, and products come out every quarter so I feel like I have to buy them to show them. I decided last year not to buy for the sake of making sales anymore. I wouldn’t mind breaking even; I just didn’t want to lose any.

I had fun selling it, but I’m kind of glad to be done. I think I got in on it a little late. There are so many places you can buy vinyl lettering now (and most times cheaper). It didn’t always make sense to pay for shipping and wait two weeks when you could get it from a local store. It’s also good because I’ve been able to clean up our office. It’s not cluttered with all my stuff for parties anymore. I also don’t have to worry in the back of my mind about whether I will sell enough. Perhaps, in the future, I will find something else that I like and would like to sell, but for now, I will stick to just being a teacher. Thanks everyone who helped my business!