Piper- 20 Months Old


Piper turns 20 months old today.

  • weighs about 30.5 pounds
  • wears size 5 diapers
  • wears mostly size 18-24 months clothes
  • wears size 6 shoes
  • is putting words together like “more please” and “daddy walk”
  • says “I luh boo” (I love you)
  • likes to hold crayons in one hand and have someone else color on paper for her
  • has still only pee-peed and poo-pood in the potty a few times
  • tries to put pants on herself (even if it’s really a shirt)
  • no longer uses a pacifier
  • likes: slides, swinging, fish, spinning in a circle, motioning to songs like itsy bitsy spider, splashing, watching and playing with other kids, giving hugs (that’s a like for me too)
  • dislikes: diaper rash

I got my first eye roll from Piper the other day. We saw a fly while eating outside and I quoted one of her books, “no, fly, no… so go, fly, go.” She looked at me, no smile or anything, and rolled her eyes. What I think really happened was that the wind blew her hair on her forehead and she was just looking up to see what it was. Either that, or she was just reminding me that school was getting ready to start again, so I need to prepare myself for some 8th grade behaviors.