3rd Anniversary

This year, Chad and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. It was on a Tuesday, so we didn’t do anything too big, but we did go out to dinner. When I got home from work, Chad had some beautiful multi-colored roses, candy, and my gift sitting on the table for me. The gift was actually wrapped in wrapping paper (not common for Chad Webb).

He got me an iPad! This was a great surprise. He also got me a cute pink cover to go on the front of it.  A couple of months earlier, I was close to winning an iPad from school and Chad was really excited for me to win it, but unfortunately, I didn’t. The gift is very cool and I like it a lot. Chad likes it and uses it just as much as me.

The modern 3rd anniversary gift is crystal, so I got Chad a new watch with a mineral crystal face. He doesn’t wear it much because he is afraid he will break it or scratch it and because he spends most of his time at home where no one sees him. But it does look very nice on him and I’m glad he likes it.

We have had an awesome 3 years. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to share them with the best husband I could have ever imagined. I love you, Chad!

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