To save 12 bucks a month I have shut down this old site. It was a hard decision, but whatever, the three people who checked it out can check out the updates here. I have promised Jennie not to put “stupid” stuff up on here until after the wedding. I plan to eventually bring HDJ back…eventually.

Our offer on the house wasn’t taken, so the search continues.

Brian Regan

We are going to see Brian Regan tomorrow in Chattanooga. Glenn and Lane are meeting us in the ‘Noog (yeah I made that up, feel free to use it). Should be good times.

On another note we put an offer on a house on Friday.

Jump Around!

We just thought it would be fun to take mid air pictures. Boy were we right! And it wasn’t in the least bit lame or pathetic to do this on a Saturday night! The last one is my favorite.

“Are you my girlfriend?”


This is one of my favorite stories of the relationship.

A month or so into the relationship Dvance had asked me if Jennie was my girlfriend. I guess I thought she was, but far be it from me to be that presumptuous. I mean, I know I rock and you all know I rock, but how did I know if she knew that I rocked.  So I needed to find out.

A couple days later we were at my house watching something and just laying around on the couch. I decided that I should…nay…it was my duty to find out for David if Jennie was indeed my girlfriend. So as smoothly as possible I said…

“So David was asking me if you are my girlfriend…and…what should I tell him?”

Jennie: “Well, yeah”

*kiss* *smooch* *kiss*

Me: “Ok, cool, so you’re my girlfriend”

Jennie: “…and you’re my boyfriend”

Me: “Whoa whoa…slow down baby…I never said anything about that”

We both crack up.

It’s weird though, I never said I was her boyfriend. I guess we just went from friends to fiancés.

New Site!

Hello all, welcome to the brand new This site is hopefully going to be all about Jennie and I and our wonderful journey through life. I think I might be able to keep this blog a little more updated than Well this is the first post and I hope to get a couple more up this weekend.

Patches out!