“Are you my girlfriend?”


This is one of my favorite stories of the relationship.

A month or so into the relationship Dvance had asked me if Jennie was my girlfriend. I guess I thought she was, but far be it from me to be that presumptuous. I mean, I know I rock and you all know I rock, but how did I know if she knew that I rocked.  So I needed to find out.

A couple days later we were at my house watching something and just laying around on the couch. I decided that I should…nay…it was my duty to find out for David if Jennie was indeed my girlfriend. So as smoothly as possible I said…

“So David was asking me if you are my girlfriend…and…what should I tell him?”

Jennie: “Well, yeah”

*kiss* *smooch* *kiss*

Me: “Ok, cool, so you’re my girlfriend”

Jennie: “…and you’re my boyfriend”

Me: “Whoa whoa…slow down baby…I never said anything about that”

We both crack up.

It’s weird though, I never said I was her boyfriend. I guess we just went from friends to fiancés.

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