Poppy- 1 Month Old


Poppy is 1 month old today! She

  • weighs about 11.2 pounds
  • wears newborn size clothes
  • wears size 1 diapers
  • has a full head of hair
  • has blue eyes
  • still has her umbilical cord stump
  • sleeps in the newborn napper in the Pack-n-Play
  • likes: being warm, riding in the car, looking around, holding things
  • dislikes: sponge baths, gas, getting her nose sucked

We noticed¬†a mark on Poppy’s finger while in the hospital, and after we brought it to the attention of our pediatrician, she checked it out and assured us it was just a birthmark. Just last week, Chad noticed that it was no longer there. Poppy sucks on her fingers sometimes, so we conclude that it must have been what one of the nursery nurses thought was a sucking blister caused by her sucking her finger in utero.

IMG_6755 IMG_6736

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