Poppy- 6 Months Old


Poppy is 6 months old today! She…

  • weighs about 17.6 pounds
  • wears size 6 and 9 months clothes
  • wears size 3 diapers
  • is sleeping better, some nights sleeping through the night
  • has 2 teeth
  • rolls over from belly to back
  • sits on her own
  • is very vocal-making lots of sounds
  • has tried sweet potatoes, bananas, peas, apples, carrots, and pears
  • likes: sitting up playing with hanging toys, chewing on her feet, biting everything, peek-a-boo, being tickled on her collar bone
  • dislikes: being tired, peas

The girls started a new day care at the beginning of March and Poppy’s room is right across the hall from Piper’s. Let me tell you, Poppy is a big deal in the two-year-old room. Whenever I go to pick them up, almost all of Piper’s friends come over to the gate and start asking to see Poppy. They ask for her by name. Of course, Piper is usually happy to show her off.


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