Piper is a little loopy

Piper had to get some anesthesia before getting her MRI last week. That meant she needed an IV. To put the IV in they like to get the kids a little calm, which means they give them basically what is like Valium.  She was pretty chill after getting that.


Piper’s First Solid Food

We started Piper on “solid” food this weekend. It is squash. I would love to feed her all the stuff I don’t like and maybe she won’t be as picky as me.


Piper Playing with a Balloon

A couple things to ignore.

  • That horrific hoodie. Rock Chalk YaLostLastYear. It was a 5 buck purchase last fall in Wisconsin because I was cold.
  • The child abuse at 1:21.

We’re Having a Baby!

If you haven’t yet heard the news, Chad and I are expecting our first child in November. We are very excited, and hopefully, that means more posts. We knew our families would be excited too, so we decided to surprise them and capture their reactions on video.

NOTE: You may need to turn up the volume on the ones taken with my phone (Jill, Travis, & Jessie)

We planned to tell all of Chad’s family together, but Ashley, Brock, and Brody came by earlier in the week and I had accidentally left out our camera and a sign that said 10 weeks. I knew Brock saw it, so we went ahead and told them.

A few weeks before we planned to tell my family, Travis (my brother-in-law) texted Chad and asked if he would be interested in going with the other guys to the Bengals/Raiders game. Travis and Brendan (other BIL) love the Bengals and my dad loves the Raiders. The game is on November 25… my due date! Chad told him that he would talk it over with me and let him know. That is how the idea of the game tickets came about. We told my parents, Jill, and Travis that we had already gotten tickets for that day. Unfortunately we couldn’t get them together all at the same time.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to tell Jessie in person, so I wanted to tell her before everyone else. I tried to FaceTime with her Wednesday (the day I went to the doctor), texted her and tried to FaceTime twice on Thursday, and then tried to FaceTime again Friday right after we told my mom and dad. She finally called me back Friday night at about midnight after I had already gotten ready for bed. I thought for sure she had to suspect it, but she had no clue… even after telling her.

Jerry’s birthday had been earlier in the week, so on Saturday, Peggy had the whole family over. Chad and I had made a cake that said “We’re having a baby” and kept it covered and in the garage until after we had eaten. He brought it out as we sang happy birthday. Jerry thought I was taking a picture, so perhaps he was more focused on posing than actually reading the cake.

We are so happy to share this time with everyone!

Annie Are You OK?

Jackson had a ton of problems in his life, but he made some very good music. Smooth Criminal blows my mind everytime I see a video for it. I think they next time I am at the bank or the grocery store I might just do that lean at a 45 degree angle move just for the hey of it.

Attack of the Lorikeets

Here is the video from the Nashville Zoo of Jennie being brutely attacked by a lorikeet. Watch at your own risk.

Ignore the dorky voice in the background asking questions.

Also photos of our weekend have been uploaded.


There is that girl again… you know, the one from the America’s Best commercial that looks like me.

Check out the video.