Top Ten Reasons I Think my Husband is the Cutest

#10 He times how long we cook our meat at The Melting Pot to ensure it has been exactly 2 minutes.

#9 He tucks me in with a kiss EVERY night and answers when I call for my “tucker.”

#8 To appease me, he wears his snowman pajama pants at Christmas time.

#7 He takes his Harry Potter book with him everywhere “just in case” there is a chance he can read it.

#6 When he knows how my sentence is going to end, he mouths along with my words without realizing it.

#5 He throws a little hissy fit when he has to go back to work after lunch.

#4 He gave me this t-square to help with Uppercase Living.

#3 He says, “Look, my socks match my outfit.”

#2 He actually believed that it was me under the covers and told the pillows, “wakey, wakey.”

#1 Just look at that face.

I love you, cutie!

2 Replies to “Top Ten Reasons I Think my Husband is the Cutest”

  1. As Chad’s hetero-life mate, i feel obligated to say, BARF!

    Maybe I’m just jealous that when we lived together, he never said, “wakey wakey.”

    He just said, “Get off my couch.”

  2. Shhhhhh don’t tell Jennie I totally have her fooled! But at year 5 the ugly me comes out.

    Just getting an even cuter version of me emerges involving kittens, bunny rabbits, and puppies. Just kidding…I hate cats.

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