Triathlon 2011

On Saturday, June 25th, Chad competed in the Old Hickory Lake Triathlon for the second time. I didn’t get to go last year, but I was able to cheer him on this year. While waiting for Chad to pass by, I made some friends. A mother with her daughter and daughter’s friend. I helped them cheer for Bob and they helped me cheer for Chad. I think we were the loudest people out there. We even cheered for people we didn’t know because we could see their names on their bibs. The girls loved Chad’s reaction to their cheering.

Chad did a great job! He hadn’t been able to train for a couple weeks before this one because we were in Canada a week and then he hurt his knee playing basketball, but he still did awesome. I’m so proud of him!

Here are the results from this year and last year.


Swim (400 yards) 8:48

Run (1 mile) 9:56

Bike (12 miles) 43:58

Run (2 miles) 20:43


Swim (400 yards) 6:42

Run (1.5 miles) 17:39

Bike (12.5 miles) 46:56

Run (1.5 miles) 15:11

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