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  1. The trip was fun. Jessie and I went to a Dolly Parton concert on Friday night. She was awesome! Unforunately, it was an outdoor venue and it was raining the whole time. Don’t worry, we had ponchos to keep us dry. On Saturday, Chad and I went to the Georgia Aquarium with Jessie and her friend Brendan (see picture). It is the world’s largest aquarium, and it was really interesting. We saw a beluga whale, whale sharks, and many other fish. We touched stingrays too. That evening, we had dinner with Glen and Lane and then Chad and I went to the Weezer concert. During the opening acts, we sat out in the lobby and ate ice cream. Once Weezer came on, we went in and sang along. They put on a very fun concert. It was a great weekend. Thanks to Glen and Lane who let us stay with them!

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