Wild Things

I haven’t bought any toys in a long long time (3+ years), however, when I did I got made fun of a bit. Mainly from my friends who thought it was stupid to buy these things and leave them unopened. I have about 100 unopened toys that I got in the past 10 years. Most of them are MOTU, but there are others as well.

But my revenge is now ridiculously sweet. The new Where the Wild Things Are movie is coming out this month and the price of the McFarlane line of figures that were put out sometime when I was in college has shot up to somewhere between $350 and $450 for the set MIB (mint in box…nerds) on Ebay.

Here are some crappy cell phone pics of my set.



6 boxes to a set, 7 figures total. $10 bucks for each box. That means I turned that $60 investment into $400 or 566% ROI. My 2 year ROI on my 401k is -26%. I should have been dumping money into toys for years.

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