Cumberland Falls

On the way home from Gatlinburg, our GPS took us north on I75, which allowed for a perfect little stop along the way.  I have to mention that it was the most gorgeous day on Wednesday.  The sun was bright, not a cloud in the sky, and a cool crisp air.  The drive was beautiful, but we knew we didn’t have to rush home, so we thought we would take a short detour to Cumberland Falls.  It was not very far off course at all.

We parked and walked to the falls.  It was so pretty with the bright sun causing a rainbow.  The whole park was beautiful, and we saw more fall colors in the leaves than we did in Gatlinburg.  The only eyesore was all the trash that had been collected along the banks.  We read that it had all come from people in the park throwing trash in the water and it catching up stream.  They do clean-ups throughout the year and it still collects that much trash.  It’s just crazy to think about.  I hope it was all just an accident because I would hate to think people just throw trash into a river whenever they are done with it.  We walked and took pictures, toured the gift shop, and then sat on some rocks by the water.  It was so gorgeous and a nice way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.  Here are some pictures from that gorgeous day.

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