Piper- 10 Months Old


Piper turns 10 months old today.


  • Weighs about 23.4 pounds
  • wears size 3 diapers
  • wears mostly size 9 -12 month clothes
  • wears size 3 shoes
  • has 6 teeth
  • eats stage 3 foods and a few more table foods
  • can stand by herself for about 1 second
  • can drink from a sippy cup
  • pulls up all the time
  • makes a duck face
  • can make sounds “ma,” “ba,” “da,” “th,” and “na”
  • likes: remotes, keys, wires, bananas, babbling, swimming, peek-a-boo
  • dislikes: getting her diaper changed, when mommy or daddy leave a room, having things taken from her

There were a couple times we (okay, I) put shoes on Piper if they looked cute with her outfit, but for the most part, she has just gone without… especially once the weather got warm. And when spring and summer came around, I bought her some sandals, but she kept curling her toes and her pinky toes  would end up hanging out, so I quit putting her in them. Well, now that Piper is standing and getting close to walking, I thought she needed to wear some real shoes. I went to her shoe basket only to find she had outgrown them all already (without wearing most of them) so I went and bought her a pair. She was hilarious. She whined and looked at them funny, kicked, and tried to take them off. I would try to stand her up and she would act like her feet were broken. I thought Oops. Maybe we should have tried these things a little sooner. She is getting used to them now, but it was quite an experience for her for a little bit. I hope there isn’t some other basic parenting thing that I’m forgetting…


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