Poppy- 9 Months Old

9 Months Old Poppy

Poppy turned 9 months old today! She…
• weighs about 20.4 pounds
• wears size 9 months clothes (some 12 months)
• wears size 3 diapers
• has 4 teeth
• can pick up little foods with her fingers and is eating some table food
• can crawl
• has started “creeping”
• claps
• likes: remotes, phones, the plastic skillet from the play kitchen, when Daddy “swims” her in the air, reaching for the diaper cream when being changed, empty water bottles, making noises, picking up and chewing on shoes
• dislikes: when Mommy leaves, being sick

Poppy went in the baby pool for the first time this weekend. She seemed to enjoy playing with the little fountain as she tried to grab the water in her hand.

Poppy 9 Months OldClapping

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