Poppy- 8 Months Old


Poppy turned 8 months old today! She…
• weighs about 19.6 pounds
• wears size 9 months clothes (some 12 months)
• wears size 3 diapers
• has 4 teeth
• is pulling up
• is army crawling
• is babbling “mama,” “dada,” “baba”
• has had several colds this month (or allergies)
• likes: the jumparoo, biting everything, scooting around, sitting in the high chair, standing up
• dislikes: getting her face wiped, getting her nose sucked, teething

Poppy was in Uncle Brad’s wedding this month. She was unaware of her huge responsibility as a flower girl, but she did a great job of looking cute as she was pushed down the aisle in a tiny carriage. She didn’t last long in it during the ceremony. She did enjoy falling asleep in it after the wedding though.

IMG_7642 IMG_7653

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