Our First Date

I was really excited when Chad called me one Sunday night and asked if I would go have coffee with him on Wednesday. I let him know that I don’t like coffee, but I would be more than happy to go with him and get some cider or something. He let me know that he didn’t know I didn’t like coffee and that was a reason we needed to go out, so he could get to know me better. He told me he’d email me and we’d finalize plans. A couple days later, he wrote and we agreed to go to Starbucks on Wed. at 7:00. Great! It was a date!Wait! He never said actually said the word “date” or “take me out” or anything. In fact, he never said if he was picking me up or not. Was it really a date or was I just hoping it was? Although unsure, I told lots of my friends I had a date with Chad Webb.

Finally, Wednesday night arrived and I hadn’t heard from Chad yet. I didn’t know if I was supposed to meet him or if he would pick me up. I thought surely he will call and offer to pick me up. I mean, even if we’re just going as friends, I live right down the street from Starbucks. It would be rude not to pick me up. When it was about thirty minutes before we were supposed to go to Starbucks, I decided that I was tired of wondering what to do, so I called Chad. We made small talk for a moment and I mentioned that school was cancelled for the next two days so he could keep me out as late as he wanted. Before I could ask if he was going to pick me up, Chad asks, “So, do you still want to meet up at Starbucks?” Meet? You mean, he’s not picking me up? “Yeah, sure,” I said. “Sounds great.”

The excitement I had about having the evening turned into worry. Am I going to end up looking stupid because I told all my friends that I had a date with Chad? What if Sarah tells his sister, Ashley, and it gets back to him? How embarrassing!

When I met Chad at Starbucks, I waited for him before getting anything to drink. When he got there, I let him order first, thinking if he pays for my drink, it is a date. After he ordered his tea, the girl asked him if he needed anything else. He turned and asked me if I wanted anything as though he was just being nice. I accepted because I was going to be sure to give him clear signs that I like him, but at the same time, I felt rude for accepting something he was reluctant to offer. To make me feel even more uncomfortable, he asked, “So, what’s everybody doing tonight?” Uh, was I supposed to invite people? I mentioned what I knew a few of our friends were doing so I could at least look like I thought about asking other to come.

Once we sat down with our drinks, we talked and got to know each other more and I began falling in love with him. We left when they closed, but there was no walking me to my car or asking me out again. He did say he had a good time, but that’s only after I did. I left that night feeling more confused than before, but also more hopeful than before that he wanted to date me. I knew I liked him a lot and really enjoyed spending time with him.

Over the next few days, we ended up seeing each other everyday and talking, but he was still pretty ambiguous about everything. Finally, after a night of hanging out with friends, we left at the same time, but weren’t able to have any time to talk alone. I was hoping that since we didn’t get to talk that he would call or text me. Then, it happened. After days of wondering if my future husband liked me, he sent a text message. It said, “In case it isn’t obvious, I’m completely smitten with you.” Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy! He loves me! I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since.

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  1. At the time of this comment, it is 4 months and 23 days until THE BIG DAY. Enjoy every minute, it will sneak up on you.

    Should be fun. I can’t wait to decorate your get-away vehicle with all sorts of obscene stuff. Oh no, the details won’t be forgotten.

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