The Proposal

It was New Year’s Eve. Chad and I had planned to go to a game night and ring in the New Year with some friends. Because we were going to meet them at 6:00, we went to an early dinner at Outback. Chad mentioned that he forgot to bring the games, so he asked if we could stop by really quick to get them. When we got there, he said he was going to run in and get them, but I told him I had to go to the bathroom. He said ok and when he opened the door, I saw he had his living room set up beautifully with roses, rose petals, and candles. He had soft piano music playing and displayed pictures of us. It hardly looked like his house. His sister, Ashley, was a big help in this. On the table, he had a bible imprinted with the name “Jennie Webb” and the ring. I instantly knew what was going on. We hugged for a moment, and then he led me over to the table, picked up the ring, got on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes! The ring is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. He had a camcorder hidden in the corner to record the event, and he was supposed to turn it on before I came in. However, my bladder changed that plan.

We eventually made it to the game night, but didn’t stay too long. We went to my place, where we had some sparkling grape juice, and we celebrated the New Year and our engagement together. It was certainly the most amazing New Year’s Eve of my life!

7 Replies to “The Proposal”

  1. Sorry, I mean: “Every woman “WISHES” she had a fell that dreamy.”

    Cause we all know you can’t get much dreamier than Chad.

  2. Congratulations, to both of you.
    I am sure Jenny is a super nice girl, hoping we can make it to the wedding so we can meet her.

  3. church choir??? I read that on Jennie’s about me page…I would have never guessed…church, yes…choir, no…

    I think that’s awesome! Again, hope things are going well!!!

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